Many people have grown up knowing the delicious taste of Vegex®. Vegex® is a hearty, all-natural food product, perfect for stews, soups, sauces, glazes, marinades, and anything that could use a little extra rich flavor. Vegex® has only 17 calories per serving, along with 2 grams of protein, contains B-vitamins and has no fat and no animal by-products. It is a delicious addition to many dishes, and can also be had as a beverage, or on toast. Vegex® is also popular amongst vegetarians and vegans, as it’s a source of Brewers yeast. Try some today!

A Great Tasting Tradition Since 1913

 Vegex® Brewer’s yeast extract, has been available since 1913. Vegex® is all natural, and has enjoyed the adamant endorsement of those who have used it, for almost a century. Vegex® has also been associated with a healthy lifestyle for just as long. Early advertisements in the 1920’s for Vegex® touted the astonishing health and rapid growth of the “Vegex® Baby” (pictured left). The Vegex® Baby soared far above the average child her age, as she was taller, heavier, stronger, more intelligent, and extremely well nourished.

Since Vegex® had such impressive effects on the Vegex® Baby, it was certainly a smart idea to incorporate it into the diets of people of all ages. Below are some of the traditional serving suggestions for Vegex®, which are still good ideas today.

Vegex® Throughout History

Vegex® was considered not only the perfect form of sustenance for growing children, or those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A Vegex® recipe book from 1923 tells of the “Romance of Vegex®” during World War I. As the story goes, a British Army in Mesopotamia encountered an epidemic related to deficiencies in their food supply. British scientists worked quickly to find out that Vitamin B rich Vegex® would be the perfect food to help the soldiers in trouble. Miraculously, ill and fatigued soldiers began to feel the fortifying affects of this miracle edition to their diets. Fortunately, great-tasting and nutritious Vegex® blends are available to civilians all over the United States, and it continues to add flavor and taste to any dish to this day!

Vegex® Today

Many consumer trends have come and gone, and Vegex® continues to adapt. Vegex® candies and cubes are no longer available, and the packaging has changed. Though the demand for a food that is both health conscious and flavorful has subsisted for decades, and Vegex® paste is still available. Vegex® continues to fit a wide range of health needs. It is still suitable for vegetarian diets, low in sodium, contains no fat, sugar, nuts or cholesterol. Currently, Vegex® is available in paste in 3 oz., 6 oz., and 14 oz. containers.

 Vegex® is distributed at various locations, nationwide.  If you do not have a convenient retail location for Vegex®, you may order it directly.


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