Tube Work

CEA Packaging inspects, uncaps, re-caps, hand-caps, sorts, repacks, or otherwise handles in excess of 4,500,000 tubes in any calendar year!  We are proficient in tube inspection, cap or tube salvage, as well as many other tasks related to fulfillment or rework of plastic and glaminate tubes.  The tubes we have worked have been for many companies, including Estee Lauder, Bumble & Bumble, Clinique, Aquafresh, Bobby Brown, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Nutrogena, Mary Kay, Nu Skin, and others.

CEA utilizes the highest level of quality control, in clean working conditions, with competitive pricing.

The reworked tubes are destined for markets in The United States, Belgium, Canada, China, Japan, and other locations.




If you would like additional information about CEA Packaging, please contact:

    Jim Cavanagh, Director, Sales & Marketing
    Phone: (908) 782-1480, ext. 251, Cell:  (908) 310-1296
     Nancy Vargas, VP Operations
    Phone: (908) 782-1480, ext. 250, Cell:  (908) 930-0597


 No job is considered too large or too small. . .please call today for a free quote!


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