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 Spring Run School Story


Spring Run School is a New Jersey-accredited private high school for students with special needs.  The school has been serving students with a wide variety of special needs since 1984.  The mission of Spring Run School is to provide a fully accessible, therapeutic, educational environment where adolescents and young adults with special needs can reach their maximum potential as assertive, responsible and resilient citizens.

 Aside from academic activities derived from the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, Spring Run School offers courses in Life & Social Skills as well as Financial Literacy instruction.  These skills are very important supplements to core academic skills.  Through interactions with peers, the teaching staff and the support of a Certified School Social Worker, students are provided various opportunities to practice appropriate social skills.  Another important activity which supplements the direct instruction of these skills is a bi-monthly Extended Classroom Experience where students attend an off-campus trip to various events such as plays, museum tours and sporting events.  These experiences incorporate cultural awareness, social interaction and daily living skills.

Additionally, all of our students participate in an intensive vocational program offered through the Center for Educational Advancement.  Activities include vocational evaluation, job sampling/shadowing, workshops incorporating appropriate work behaviors and off-site job exploration.  In many cases, students receive job coaching at off-campus sites such as Shop Rite, Healthquest, WaWa, Hunterdon Prevention Resources and the Hunterdon Medical Center.

The philosophy of our Behavior Modification program is for students to learn through natural consequences rather than punishment.  The students are encouraged to discuss their personal issues and allow intervention staff to help them seek appropriate solutions. 

Spring Run School prides itself on providing an intimate, nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to be self-confident and self-sufficient.  Our Therapeutic Art & Ceramics Program focuses on activities that are chosen by the student and bring out the individual creativity of the individual student.

Other academic services offered by the Spring Run School include Speech Therapy, Computer Instruction, Individual Counseling, Driver Education, Health & Physical Education, and Extended School Year.  Spring Run School encourages parents to participate in school activities and invites parents to openly discuss the individual needs and successes of their children. 

Recently, Spring Run School received a Certificate of Recognition from the Monday Morning Project for contributing towards the advancement and progress of persons with disabilities in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  The school has been featured in articles from the Hunterdon Democrat, Hunterdon Observer and the Courier News. 


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