Here at Spring Run School, we follow Dr. Glasser’s method of “Choice Theory”.

We never back a student into a corner, we always offer the student a choice when dealing with behavior issues. For example, “please report to class in the next five minutes or you’ll have to do a plan”.

A “plan” is when a student is asked to write answers to six questions about a particular violation of school rules. If the student fails to report in a timely fashion to start his/her plan, points are lost. In a plan a student must think about what he/she’s done, write about it, why it happened, and express how we can avoid this happening again. A student usually needs 10-15 minutes cool-down time before starting a plan.

When a student is observed by staff doing something inappropriate, he/she is asked “what are you doing”? This makes the student stop and think about their actions and formulate a response. Our aim is to confront without being confrontational.

In the rare occasion when a situation when a situation turns physical, we use a “basket hold” to restrain a student. That is, the staff member will be behind the out of control student and hold him/her in a straight-jacket position. This is harmless to the student and has proven to be an effective way to avoid anyone getting hurt.

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