Employment Services

In order to keep a job, individuals not only need the know-how to do that job (hard skills), but the work habits, interpersonal skills, and understanding of the expectations for the job (soft skills).

Employee Development Services are designed to help individuals who have or can easily learn the hard skills to improve their soft skills in a way that will increase their chances of finding and keeping a job. EDS is time limited, to a maximum of ninety workdays.

Individuals are assigned an on-site work area and are able to work on improving specific work skills. The emphasis is on developing and following an Individual Rehabilitation Plan to address work habits, coworker and supervisor relationships, and realistic expectation that will improve chances for long term success. As they near completion of EDS, a community placement may be arranged to try out newly developed skills.

An important aspect of EDS is preparation for job search by practicing job interviews, filling out applications, and writing a resume when appropriate. A placement counselor works closely with the individual and helps identify job leads. In some situations, the placement counselor will accompany the individual to the interview.

Most EDS participants also qualify for Community Employment Services upon completion of EDS.

For additional information or to arrange a meeting to learn more about our services please contact:

Joanne Kunz

VP Employment Services
Phone: (908) 782-1480, Extension 230
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